Make the Most of Your Treatment With Our Aftercare Tips

Our Aftercare Tips Will Help You Look and Feel Good After Your Med Spa Treatment.

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Know What to Expect Following Your Procedure

The Laser Lounge Spa in Estero, Florida offers a wide range of med spa services. Each procedure is different and has its own set of aftercare tips. Our goal is to help you achieve the best results while assuring that you feel great afterward. In addition to ensuring you're well-rested and fed before your appointment, you need to know what steps to take after your treatment. Explore our aftercare tips and schedule a med spa treatment today.

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Follow These Tips
After Your Appointment

Follow our aftercare tips to improve your results. Contact us if you have any questions about your a med spa treatment.

Don’t exercise or take blood thinners for at least one day after treatment. We also recommend not getting massages or facials for 48 hours after. 

Be gentle to your skin after your treatment. Avoid taking a hot bath or shower for 24 hours after. 

Your skin may appear swollen and red for 48 hours after your appointment. Let us know what products you plan to use on your skin. 

Avoid washing your face for six hours after your peel. Any orange tinge or tackiness will fade after a few hours. 

We recommend wearing loose-fitting clothing after your appointment.