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Physician Assistant Jonathan Sigg moved to Estero, Florida with his wife and two children during the real estate boom in the mid 2000s, easily landing good jobs at local hospitals. The recession had engulfed Southwest Florida when Jonathan and his wife April started The Laser Lounge Spa in Estero in August 2009.

Today, the company has six Southwest Florida locations and is expanding to new locations throughout Florida and soon the US. Jonathan and April had always wanted to operate their own skincare and aesthetics business with the desire to offer the best services available at the most affordable prices possible, especially when they saw so many struggling with the recession. Jonathan had some savings, but banks weren’t lending and investors weren’t in any mood to back a new venture. When Jonathan’s personal skincare and hair removal specialist went out of business in 2009, he sensed an opportunity. The skincare specialist owned a $25,000 laser hair removal machine, but it was sitting unused in a closet, so he agreed to rent it to Jonathan for $500 for six months. Jonathan found an empty shopping center in a good location on Estero Boulevard that had suffered from a lack of tenants. "I don’t have anything to give you," Jonathan bluntly told the landlord. So in return for eight months of free rent, Jonathan promised to put up a sign and bring traffic to the center: "lt looks like something’s happening," he told the landlord. Armed with a $20,000 Home Depot credit card, the Siggs did most of the tenant improvements themselves. “We used to refurbish houses,” Jonathan says. “We worked day and night to complete the buildout in just two months." Jonathan didn’t give up his emergency room job while he was building the new business.

Jonathan would work a 12-hour night shift in the ER, come home to sleep for a few hours early in the morning and open The Laser Lounge Spa at noon. I had to finance this somehow, he says. When April couldn’t be there to help (by then they had a third child together), Jonathan manned the front desk, took calls, made appointments and did the laser hair removal procedures. "I was the receptionist, the technician and the janitor," he says with a smile. Because their overhead was so low, Jonathan and April could afford to undercut the competition with low prices. The word spread quickly- high quality services at affordable prices. In less than a year, Jonathan moved the business to a larger space and hired a part-time front desk employee to handle all of the new customers. Soon after, The Laser Lounge Spa started offering other services such as Botox, facial fillers and over a dozen other laser treatments and services, all in keeping with their motto: "The Laser Lounge Spa- where all clients are beautiful and beauty doesn't have to be expensive."

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