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Benefits of a Salt Facial

We’re sure you’ve heard of a facial—the relaxing, massage treatment for your face that has so many benefits. But have you ever heard of a salt facial?

It’s a facial for healthy skin just like the other one, but utilizes the healing benefits of salt!

Ready to learn all of the benefits? Read on!

Exfoliates Your Face

Salt facials are meant to exfoliate your face due to the salt granules rubbing into your skin. It is great for those who need exfoliation and for those who have more sensitive skin.

The exfoliation removes any dead skin cells to allow for the healthy skin underneath to flourish. Doing this every month or so can help to keep the exfoliating properties working on your face.

Resets Aging

If you are worried that your face is showing signs of aging and wrinkles, then a salt facial is one way to reverse that. Why not do something so easy to help!?

The facial gives your face a lot of nutrients that it needs and allows them to penetrate deep into the pores.

The facial encourages your face to form more collagen which is great for reducing fine lines and wrinkles. This will make your skin firmer, and in turn, you will look more youthful as well.

Helps With Inflammation

When you receive a facial, many of the elements that are put on your face will be some that kill bacteria on your face. This will kill any bacteria that cause skin issues such as acne.


While the salt facial will exfoliate your face, it will also hydrate it from within. It can make any parts of your face that are dry look more hydrated and plump. This comes from nutrients in the salt that penetrate your skin and make it softer and glow from the inside out.

It’s not just for the time being that your face will look hydrated—it will last for a few days as well. And the more water you drink around this time, the more hydrated it will stay.

Even Out Skin Texture

If you feel that your skin doesn’t have an even look about it, a salt facial can help with that! Because it repairs damaged skin cells, it will replenish your skin in an even way to give you an even skin texture.

Salt Facial Benefits

Getting a salt facial can give you so many benefits. From hydrating to exfoliating, and evening your skin texture to reversing aging, anyone can benefit!

Do you feel that a salt facial would benefit you? Then you should book an appointment with us at The Laser Lounge Spa.

Not only do we offer salt facials to make your skin more beautiful, but we also offer other great spa treatments that you can choose from! We can’t wait to help you get the glowing skin you’ve always wanted!

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